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Achieve the full potential of your property by partnering with wander home, where technology meets hospitality.

Our superior approach utilizes leading-edge technology, data-driven pricing, and strategic marketing across top booking channels and media platforms.


Full Service

24/7 service

Wander Home handles all aspects of the vacation rental process, so you don't have to. Our holistic approach allows you to take a passive role in your investments.

Industry Leading Technologies

24/7 service

Wander Home is on the cutting edge of the industry utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Smart Pricing, Data Analytics, and other technologies to systematize and optimize your vacation rental, as well as maximize your revenue potential.


24/7 service

Supercharge your property's exposure with advanced marketing strategies. Benefit from wide-reaching visibility on top booking channels and our exclusive direct booking site.

Leverage the full range of our expertise

24/7 service

Guest Experience

  • 24-7-365 virtual guest concierge

  • Secure keyless entry

  • Intimate knowledge of your property

  • Local recommendations

  • Virtual guidebooks

24/7 service

Guest Screening

  • 100% of guests screened

  • No parties allowed

  • Guest ID verification

  • House rules consent agreement

24/7 service

Property Design

  • Design Consults

  • Interior design partners at your convenience

  • Contractor management

  • Budgeting

  • Fitout checklist

24/7 service

Cleaning Management

  • Close communication with cleaning crews

  • Efficient turnovers

  • 5-star cleanliness

  • Fast Response to Damages

24/7 service

Bookings Optimization

  • Industry leading PMS with owner's portal

  • Dynamically updated "smart" pricing

  • Listed on major OTAs including AirBnB & VRBO

  • Direct bookings with the most competitive rates

  • Prior guest marketing campaigns

24/7 service

Property Maintenance

  • Rapid response to damages

  • Cost recovery for damages

  • Properties regularly evaluated for damage

  • Local contractor relationships

  • Routine maintenance:

    • Lawncare

    • Snow

    • Leaves

    • Cleaning

    • Hot tubs

    • Pools

Are you are getting the best return on your vacation rental property?

We would love to help!


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We work directly with investors to analyze, acquire and operate properties that yield a high return on investment.

meeting with cohosts
Nate Silver and Rex Romano eat, sleep, and breathe short term rentals. They are passionate about the short term rental model and work diligently to improve their clients’ STR management. They also offer insight for their clients regarding how they can improve the level of service provided for their guests.
Michael Wlodarczyk
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Like Michael said —

We have a passion for vacation rental and love helping others who may be just starting their journeys into this growing industry.

Let us help you grow your STR business!

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We partner with the most innovative technology companies in the industry.

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What if your rental could have short-term rental profits WITHOUT the big-time hassles?
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